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YouTube Fame

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Names like Jenna Marbles and Ryan Higa have long since established their fame on YouTube. Each has over ten million subscribers, and their view counts are off the charts. In recent years YouTube has emerged as a platform for entertainers both young and old to have a shot at fame.

Half a million views may not seem like much compared to Jenna Marbles or Ryan Higa, but to three Rockling High students it has been a dream come true.

Seven months ago Sam Bank, Chelsea Fitzsimmons and Marlise Dizon started a YouTube channel of their own. Their videos are predominantly covers of popular songs. Their most popular video is a cover of Pitch Perfect’s “The Cup Song.” Sam and her friends were not expecting it to be such a hit.

Take 295 schools exactly like Rocklin High School and have every student watch the video. That is how many views their video has received — half a million.

“[The number of views] was crazy. It’s only been up for maybe seven months… We just liked the version in Pitch Perfect so we made our own and there were a lot of people that liked it” said Sam.

All three girls are involved in theater and enjoy being in the spotlight. They couldn’t have asked for anything more than the response they got from their cover of Pitch Perfect’s song.

Their Cup Song also currently contains ads on the web page. Although they have not yet set it up, they have the potential to be paid for this ad space.

“It feels weird just because we did it, you know, for fun. We just like singing together,” Sam said in response to the idea of being paid for their channel.

“I think we definitely plan on continuing this channel just because we love it and it’s fun,” Sam said although she will be leaving for college next year while Marlise and Chelsea remain to finish their last two years of high school. They have every intention to continue their channel.