Senior Year is Setting

Seniors gather for senior sunset to bring the year to a close

Senior Year is Setting

With the end of the year fast approaching, seniors are soaking up all the memories they can before graduation.

This Thursday night, seniors at Rocklin High school are joining together to participate in senior sunset, a tradition that symbolizes the end of their high school career.

The most popular place to gather is at Boulder Ridge Park, otherwise known as “Backside”. Many people come and hang out with friends, play games, and then sit to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset.

One fun tradition that many participate in is wearing tie dye shirts. Students gather together a couple days before the event and make their own shirts with friends, and then take pictures at the sunset with matching shirts.

Although Backside is the most popular place to attend, other seniors have decided to find different locations to watch the sunset.

Kristina Salvatierra, a senior here a Rocklin High School is deciding to watch the sunset with her friends in a new location. “My friends and I decided on going to Coyote Pond Park in Lincoln. We thought it would be more fun to go to a location with less people so we can enjoy each others company more”

Although it symbolizes an end to their last year of high school, seniors are excited to celebrate successfully making it through school by spending time with the people that mean the most to them.