Logan Rafter, Forever In Our Hearts


Logan Rafter crashed his car on March 16th and died early that morning. The news of this tragedy spread quickly to his family, friends and all students at school.

Logan was a senior at Rocklin High School with a passion for photography and fashion. As a student in photojournalism, he took photos that inspired many.

J. Coles’ quote, “You were inspired by the world, allow the world to be inspired by you,” was one that greatly influence Logans’ life, and now his friends as they choose to take this mission on in his memory.

Logan is survived by his four siblings, as well as his parents and stepparents.

Logans’ infectious smile and generous spirit shined through at the football games, where he and his best friend Sam Zaki were often seen at the front of the Storm, with Logan always carrying someone on his shoulders.

Rocklin High students gathered at Backside later Saturday evening to watch the sunset and discuss the loss of a genuine and bright soul. Speaking at this were some of his best friends Cameron Swift and Zachary Miller.

This memorial was followed by a candlelight vigil at the location of the crash. The Rafters’ pastor spoke at this vigil, as well as friends and family of Logan. Many shared memories of when Logan made them smile, or things he taught them.

Among these memorials to him is Rocklin and Whitney’s Stunt Teams wearing yellow to their upcoming match this Thursday. Logan was also formerly involved in the Dance 2 Partners program, and Mrs. Blankenship is dedicating her Dance 1 show to him.

As of now, there are no plans for a formal service, however students are encouraged to grieve in any way that they need to. The library is open for anyone who feels the need to speak to a counselor, and most teachers are postponing lesson plans for this week, instead telling students to do what they are able to.

Tragedy of this sort is devastating to everyone involved. The whole campus grieves for his loss, and will continue to mourn Logan for a long time.