The Killer Birds

Birds in the parking lot have been attacking Seniors


Recently, there has been a development of killer birds at the high school. There is a group of about three black crowes that seem to live in the trees and bushes on the senior half of the parking lot. These birds are evil and are out for blood. They have been swarming and attacking students who are walking to and from their cars.

“After school last week I was standing outside of my car talking to my friend and the bird that was on top of my car flew down and crashed into my head. I swear it was the scariest experience ever,” said senior Aubrey Price.

“One of the birds flew right into my friend Kennedy’s shoulder and we both screamed and ran,” said senior Mary Beth Nolan.

“I was getting out of my car one morning and one of the birds flew at me from behind and dug its talons into my head,” said senior Trevor Sewell.

“I’m literally afraid to get in and out of my car now because everytime I do, the birds dart right for my head. I have to sprint to my car before they can get to me,” said senior Paige Matthews.

Nobody knows what is causing them to act this way, as they only started attacking recently. Needless to say, the “killer birds” are terrorizing many students at rocklin high school, particularly the seniors.