Panic! At the Golden 1 Center

Grammy winning band Panic! At The Disco plays Sacramento


On February 20th, the world famous band Panic! At the Disco performed at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento. This was their last show on the North American leg of the tour, and it was certainly one to remember.

The venue was completely sold out. Basically the entire stadium (except the seats behind the stage) were filled.

The first opening act was singer by the name of Conan Gray, and he did great.

He played most of the songs from his very recent debut album titled Sunset Season. They are mainly on the laid back, alternative side of music. It was a great way to ease the crowd into the night.

The second opening act was an artist by the name of Two Feet. unlike Conan Gray, Two Feet has been one of the openers for panic! At the Disco for the entire leg of the tour.

Two feet is more rock oriented. Most of their songs were lighter on the vocals, and very heavy on the guitar and bass.

Overall they had a pretty good set. The visuals were very cool to look at, along with the lighting.

You could feel your whole body vibrating with the bass. It was a great way to get the crowd in the mood for a show. Everyone was pretty hyped up afterwards. There was a brief intermission afterwards.

Then the countdown for Panic! At the disco began.

You could feel the energy rising in the stadium. With every second that ticked by on the massive countdown, the anticipation rose.

Then it finally happened.

When the clock hit zero, there was beautiful transition music. The string players, the horn players, the bassist, the drummer, and the guitarist all slowly rose out of the stage. Once the transition music was done, you could very faintly hear the opening of one of Panic’s songs entitled “Silver lining”.

The spotlight focused on the center of the stage.

Then lead singer Brendon Urie popped out of the stage.

Huge confetti cannons go off. The song begins.

Saying the crowd went crazy is an understatement. Everybody lost their minds.

It was hands down one of the best ways to open a show. It was a great way to get an electrifying performance started.

The entire show was fantastic. Brendon never missed a beat, despite it being the last day of the North American leg of the tour. If he was tired at all, it did not show.

The visuals and the lights during the show were also fantastic. They certainly added to the show, and enhanced the performance. My personal favorites were the lights during “Casual Affair”, the fire during “Emperor’s new clothes”, the fog during “King of the Clouds”, and the background screen visuals for all the songs.

In addition to Brendon’s energy, his vocal talent is just insane. He sounds great on the recordings, but when you see him live, you really get a grasp on how talented he is.

You can really tell he uses little to no autotune. When you see him live, you also get to see lots of improvised riffs. His vocal range is also huge, therefore making the riffs fantastic.

The whole show was amazing. However, there were certainly some highlights.

During the song “Death of a Bachelor”, Brendon actually walks through the crowd on the floor. He shakes hands and gives hugs to the fans on his way to the piano, which was on the mixing booth.

That of course led to many fans freaking out (including myself), because they were feet away from their favorite artist.

That was definitely a dream come true for many people.

The next song was “Dying in LA”. During this song, Brendon sang and played a piano while on a floating platform which flew across the stadium. It was an absolutely beautiful performance. So much emotion packed into one song.

The next song “Girls/Girls/Boys” was also beautiful. The performance is dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

Fans threw their flags on stage and gave them to security guards so Brendon could wear them on stage. There were also A LOT of flags. However, the fans might have been the most beautiful part of the show.

During “Girls/Girls/Boys”, all of the fans are given colored paper hearts to shine their phone flash lights through. The color you got was determined by where your seat was. When all of the hearts were up, they formed a rainbow throughout the stadium. Brendon also expressed how much he appreciates the heart lights after he finished singing the song when he thanked the crowd for holding up the lights.

There’s also a sick drum solo that brendon does at one point in the show. Once the drum solo is done, he does a backflip off of the drum set, and lands it. Fire also goes off when he lands it. It honestly blows your mind how one person can have that many talents.

During the second to last song of the night “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, Brendon goes off the stage and lets somebody in the front row sing with him. That of course is also a dream come true for a lucky fan.

The last song of the night was “Victorious”. Brendon made a point that this was very surreal for the band, seeing as how this was the last show of the North American leg of the tour.

At that point, Brendon was just having a blast. You could really tell he had fun this show.

There’s one more giant confetti cannon blast at the end of the song, and then it’s over.

The whole band did one final bow at the end of the show, and that brought the North American leg to an end.

Overall, the show was immaculate. It’s probably one of the best shows to have ever seen the Golden One Center. The tickets were absolutely worth the money.

If you ever have the chance to see Panic! At The Disco live, take it. It’s an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.