Students school-wide participate in safety training


Base officials recommend active-duty service members, civil servants, contractors, families, retirees and veterans keep vigilant to help ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

There are certain precautions and policies put in place today in our society that prevent human atrocities and disasters from happening that can be controlled to the fullest possible extent. Many different trainings and different informational meetings have taken place to inform the public on other forms of danger to our way of peaceful life.

Thursday, February 28th, at Rocklin High, all students were given a presentation created by district staff on the “Run, Hide, Fight” series of tactics, to better prepare the students on what to do during an active school shooting situation; whether to run away from the school, to hide from the shooter, or fight the shooter as a last resort.

This information was provided through a power point presentation that was emailed to all Rocklin High teachers and presented by the teachers themselves.

Overall, the information itself could have been presented in a better manner overall with more interaction and coordination from the school itself by making the students actually carry out such drills and get a better idea of where to go, not just in the classrooms themselves but by showing points of exit to all buildings occupied by students through the day.

These drills do help the students and staff on what to do in an emergency situation like this however, despite the chance of a active shooter situation like Columbine and Parkland at our school is a 1 in a 614,000,000 chance, according to the presentation. It helps all of us be ready and prepared, and it helps the overall atmosphere and morale up and high, knowing that we have our three options in mind; run, hide, fight.