Winter Ball Follow Up

Will this become a new tradition for Rocklin?


On February 9th, Rocklin High School held its first ever Winter Ball. This is the first year that Rocklin has held two semi-formal dances in one year; making it possible for underclassmen to attend another formal dance other than Homecoming.

Winter Ball was created as a way for people to have more opportunities to have the fun of dressing up and experiencing a formal dance without the high priced tickets.

Tickets costed just $10 with ASB, and$12 without ASB, when normal semi-formal tickets cost $15 with ASB and $20 without.

The dance was held in the large gym, just like Homecoming, but there were slight changes that needed to be made in order to keep the prices so low. Decorations were less elaborate in order to make it possible to have the tickets at a casual dance price. Things like a punch bowl and balloons were taken out or were there in a lower in number.

Although there were slight changes, many people felt like it was a success.

Dallin Wardlaw, a freshman said, “Compared to casual dances there were a lot more people there, but there were definitely less people than Homecoming.”

“I thought it was really fun! I liked it because it was a smaller dance. I thought the DJ was a lot better than some of the other dances we’ve had.” said sophomore, Heather Cahoon.

“It felt a lot more casual than homecoming but I thought it was really fun. I would go again next year for sure” said freshman Justin Bradbury.

Overall, this new dance seemed to be a success in the eyes of Rocklin High students. Although it wasn’t as well attended as our main semi-formal, homecoming, most who attended thought it was something they would do again.