Life 360-Creepy Or Helpful?

App Allows Parents To Track Their Children

Life 360-Creepy Or Helpful?

Life360 is an app created by Chris Hulls and Alex Haro in 2008 which gives parents the ability to track their child’s activities. This vague definition ranges from more innocuous things such as their location to potentially more invasive information such as seeing incoming and outgoing texts, even after they’ve been deleted. A dream come true for overprotective parents.

Student opinions vary on the topic, with some disliking it intensely and others seeing value in its purpose.

“I think it’s good for parents to know where their kids are, that’s always very useful. I think it could be a bit extreme to track incoming and outgoing texts, but it could be useful, it could help protect kids,” sophomore Mackenna Flood says.

“I think it’s kinda creepy, being able to read your kids’ texts. They might have something they don’t want you to see,”  junior Nathan Hovan says.

Like or not, the app is likely to stay. Whether this proves to be positive or negative will be up to the parents and children who have it to decide.