Moving 4WRD

Annual Whitney/Rockin dance show


Every year, Whitney High School hosts the annual 4WRD show, a show which includes both Dance 4 classes from Rocklin and Whitney. It features a variety of dances including jazz, hip hop, and even a ballet routine.

MC’ed by Vanessa Hill and a student from Whitney, the two provided several moments for comic relief to break up the dancing.

It opened with a dance choreographed by Rocklin’s Kaitlyn Baur, a fun routine that was an excellent way to open up the show.

The routines alternated between schools, occasionally doing routines that blended the two schools.

The ballet routine was a mix of Rocklin and Whitney dancers, and was a beautiful change of pace.

“The ballet was really fun because we got to dance with the Whitney dancers as well. It was cool to work with other people, especially with ballet,” says dance team member Selah Penny.

This year’s senior dance featured senior dancers from both schools. The theme was christmas, as the seniors said goodbye to a program many of them have been in for years.

One surprisingly good aspect was the number of hip hop dances in the show this year. Several dances from both Rocklin and Whitney showcased the talented hip hop dancers in the program.

Whitney had several creative, out of the box ideas for this year’s show. One number was inspired by School of Rock, while the dancers dressed up as the characters and mimed playing instruments.

4WRD is a great event which bring the community closer together as they celebrate the talented dancers in Rocklin and Whitney’s dance 4 classes.