Winter Jig is back

Students dress up for the holiday themed dance

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Winter Jig is back

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The Hoedown, originally thought up to be a potential new tradition for RHS, was cancelled on account of low ticket sales. Less than one-hundred tickets were sold for the dance. Instead, the Winter Jig is returning. The dance will be held on the 13th of December at 8 PM in the gym.

Tickets will be on sale at a discounted price on Monday, December 9th for $5 with an ASB card and $6 without.

“Shannon Bowers and I are dressing up as characters from the Disney movie Frozen. She is going as Olaf the snowman and I am going as Sven the reindeer,” said Liz Vasquez.

Originally, the Hoedown was created because students expressed that they were getting tired of the Winter Jig and tired of having the same dance every year.

ASB took a vote and only two people on student government wanted the Hoedown to stay.

The demographics of Rocklin High also constitute for a change. Country music just isn’t as popular as pop or rock music. A lot of students made it clear that they would prefer to have a Winter Jig.

The fact that the Hoedown was scheduled on the same night as play offs for football also hindered the success. The date was moved, but in the end, not enough tickets were sold for the dance to be profitable.