Nope? More Like Yes!

Movie Review: Nope (Spoilers)


Shane Byron, Staff Reporter

UFO sightings? Alien encounters? Alien UFO sightings? Nope directed by Jordan Peele is a movie that takes a deep dive into UFO discovery. Peele does this by showing us the life of Otis Haywood Junior (OJ) and his sister Emerald Haywood after their father was killed by a “cargo plane incident” which was really a UFO encounter.

The movie released in theaters July 22, 2022 and was an anticipated thriller/horror film that was another project developed and directed by award winning director Jordan Peele. Peele has directed movies such as Us and Get Out which were both award winning and critically acclaimed thriller/horror movies. The excitement that surrounded this movie was very high based on the fact that it would be another Jordan Peele thriller but in a sci-fi direction.

… I give Nope an enthusiastic 4 out of 5 stars.

Rocklin High School [RHS] sophomore Drew Clifford saw the movie in theaters, “…my expectations going into the theater – I thought the whole idea of aliens and UFO sightings is kind of stupid…” This same thought was shared by audiences and critics alike. However, Clifford explains that, “Jordan Peele’s Nope exceeded my expectations a lot because they had a really interesting and creative twist in the movie which was really cool to me.” One of the twists included a chimpanzee attack from “Gordy.”

In a similar way, Nick Coleman, a sophomore at RHS had low expectations for the movie but it ended up being his favorite of the summer. Coleman even went on saying, “I’m just gonna say that popcorn might have been thrown…”

This reviewer agrees. The movie keeps you on edge for a majority of the time and when it lacks suspense, it brings you in with humor and incredible performances by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer. How Coleman and Clifford explain Nope also matches up with what the critics have said. The movie has an 82% on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ as of the writing of this review. In total, Jordan Peele delivers once again with Nope and is a great watch especially with the season of Halloween horror and thriller movies around the corner I give Nope an enthusiastic 4 out of 5 stars.