Umm… What is Kanye West up to?

From controversies with a comedian, to needing a $200 device to listen to his music, students weigh in on the method/madness of Kanye


Cameron Gaska, Staff Reporter

Kanye West and Pete Davidson are currently feuding because of rumors that Davidson started dating Kim Kardashian West after they publicly split up in November of 2021. When they confirmed the rumors in February of 2022, West started publicly going after Davidson.

West made Instagram posts of text messages between them, where he would demand that Kardashian-West keep Davidson away from his children.. West released the song “Eazy-feat’’. The Game” on Spotify, where there is a line from the song that goes “God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ____.” Kardashian-West is asking that West stop harassing them, but West is claiming that he just wants to see his kids and doesn’t want Pete involved with his family.

Rocklin High School (RHS) sophomore Cole Tanner thinks “Kanye West should leave Kim and Pete alone as long as he is still seeing his kids and they are safe. If anything happens to them, then he should take it to court and let them handle it. What he is currently doing is wrong.”

Jacob Kristiansen, RHS sophomore, says that, “he’s right by wanting to be around his kids, but is going about it the wrong way. I saw a music video that he made where he buried a claymation version of Pete Davidson alive and that just doesn’t sit right with me. If I were Kim and Pete, I would take legal action and make Kanye stop harassing me.”

Kanye West also just released his stem player, a device that you use to dj. It has four buttons on it that single out different parts of a song. For example, you can single out the beat of a song, or just the lyrics, or the melody.

“The stem player is such a good idea but it sucks for its price. The music quality is terrible and it only works on Kanye West’s songs. It would be so much better if you could connect it to a real speaker, but you’re stuck with something about the size of an iPhone speaker,” said Freshman Ryder Henriksen.

To listen to West’s new album, Donda 2, you need to buy the stem player. His fans are pretty upset about that, accusing him of doing it for the money. In response to his accusations, West said that he only did it so that music streaming platforms didn’t take his money.


Above: Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian-West out on an amusement park date.

Overall, people seem to be upset with West and what he is doing right now. Is he just doing it for money and attention, or does he actually think he is doing the right thing?

Written by Cameron Gaska, Staff Reporter