Money Making Machine


Dayna Wergedal

Captured by Dayna Studios

Jenna Patton

Money is a hard thing to come by when you’re a teenager. As high school students turn sixteen, and start driving, some parents expect their kids to pay for their own car and gas. There are other reasons why teens need money as well. Earning money is just another thing to add a teenagers hectic life. 

Finding a job can be a struggle sometimes because a lot of places don’t hire teenagers without any job experience. Also a lot of teens in the area are getting beat out by community college kids that live nearby.

Even when they get a job, it is still hard to balance their time between work, school, homework, sports etc. Phillip Semenov, a junior at Rocklin High School, is a perfect example of a busy teenager. 

Phillip works at In n Out and is very busy with his 20 plus work hours a week. He also plays club soccer and is taking five weighted classes this year. Although his schedule is busy, he doesn’t mind the payment part of the job. 

Philip said, “I get paid $14/hour and it only goes up from there.”

He also claimed why he needed the money that he was earning

“I need to get money for college and a car to get a jump start on everyone else,” Phillip said.

In the interview he also says why In n Out is a hard place to work if you’re a busy teenager. 

“It’s a hard place to work because it’s always busy, there are always people in the store and it’s always a big rush,” Phillip said 

Working at a place as busy as In n Out can increase the levels of stress that Phillip already has with the rest of his life. Most days Phillip doesn’t get home until after 9:30 because of his soccer practices that happen three days a week. He also has games on weekends that keep him plenty busy. 

“There’s been days where I don’t see my parents for like three days in a row.” He said. 

Even though that a teens life can be hectic if they get a job, the money and benefits are there. A teen would get more work experience and mature faster. Also with the money can work towards multiple expensive upcoming things in their life including college and a car. 

Phillip is happy so far with his early work experience and the benefits that come from it.