A Look Inside ASB


Janae Aplass and Grace Matty

The posters on campus, dances, lunch events, and set up for football games, starts with the Associated Student Body (ASB). The spirit and student engagement at Rocklin High School is thanks to ASB. 

“Dances all depend on the students and how they are feeling about the dance. If it isn’t as talked about, then we don’t expect as many people to attend. Last year, we had more than 1,000 students attend Homecoming,” Sophomore Class Officer Jake Moore said.

When students first walk into a dance and the gym there’s normally lights that fill the hallway. Once you walk into the gym there’s a DJ and posters to make it a good experience.

“The amount of people who attend dances [each year goes] up more than 10 percent because we gain more and more students a year,” stated Jake.

This means each year, the more attended dances like Homecoming and Welcome Back Dances  become more popular because of the students that come to Rocklin High School each year.

ASB “work[s] on things three months ahead . . . to make sure every detail is perfect,” Marisa Adao said.

 ASB begins preparation for dances and other organized activities in advance to make sure there is student support and enthusiasm for their projects. 

“The difference from last year to this year is . . . we are working harder, [we are] more committed, and [we want] to insure we do more events and special things than we did last year,” Sophomore President Sam Eckenburg said.

“One of the bigger committees are Class Officers, in which [they] take care of HOCO and the Sadies dance,” Sam said.

All the committees within ASB play a role in the new becoming of Rocklin High today, from creating spirited t-shirts to organizing lunch time activities and everything in between.  

Dances and decorations, along with the rallies and participation in the specialized games per theme to each rally, are all created by Mr. John Thompson and his crew. They handle everything from selling tickets for school events to lighting up the dance floor.

ASB helps the school have more spirit and include more activities than education. They also help set up dances and rallies which is always the students favorite part of school.