New RHS Lacrosse Team; Back With the Boys

RHS introduces a new after-school sport


Brianna Peck and Allie Monaghan

In the 2020 spring season, Rocklin High School will add lacrosse to their list of after-school spring sports. And even though official season doesn’t start until this spring, the lacrosse team has already started pre-season training. 

“Since practices just started, I know there is plenty of time for improvement. . . we just really need to work on being more aggressive and our stick skills,” said Sophomore Issac Yap.

For a short description, lacrosse is a combination of basketball, soccer and hockey, in which the players use a lacrosse stick to pass, catch and shoot a ball into a goal. 

The team, this year, will have Mr. JT Montara as head coach of both Varsity and JV and Terry Scalzo as assistant coach. 

“So far, there are about 20 or so players on Varsity and around six for JV, but these numbers aren’t set for season” said Issac. 

Rocklin High School won’t be the only new school in the district adding lacrosse. Whitney High School plans to add a new team as well. 

But, RHS’s lacrosse team has big hopes for the upcoming season and hopes to improve after losing their first pre-season game 4-9.

“I’m excited to just be back with the boys,” said Sophomore Parker Lenning.