Process for Passions

Mrs. Cattolico shares her background and excitement for Rocklin High School.


Captured by Ryan Barbieri.

This isn’t Mrs. Natasha Cattolico’s first time teaching Language Arts, though it is her first year at Rocklin High School. 

Mrs. Cattolico went to University of California: Berkeley for college, where she studied Literature, and even took some classes about race and class.

“I was interested in making sure that our society provides a level playing field for people, and education is the forum in which we provide that,” Mrs. Cattolico said.

When Mrs. Cattolico was a senior, she tutored for a program called “Poetry for the People.” This program let upperclassmen help underclassmen with their poetry. Mrs. Cattolico embraced the program.  Ultimately, it was one of the main reasons she decided to become a teacher.

In 1999,  Mrs. Cattolico graduated, and she decided to give teaching a chance. Her first teaching job was for “Teach For America,” which sends newly graduated college students to under-served areas to teach.

“Teach For America” sent Mrs. Cattolico to teach in East San Jose when she was just 22 years old. Though it wasn’t easy to teach in an area like San Jose, Mrs. Cattolico did for 5 years. 

Afterward, Mrs. Cattolico moved to Sacramento, where she has been teaching Language Arts at many different schools in the area. Now, in her 20th year teaching, she has joined the teaching staff of Rocklin High School.

One of the main reasons Mrs. Cattolico still teaches is the students. Her motivation originates from her dedication to improving students’ learning experience.

“There aren’t very many jobs that offer the same kind of interpersonal interaction,” Mrs. Cattolico said.

Not only do teachers help kids learn, but teenagers have to make big decisions right now, and Mrs. Cattolico takes pride in her position to guide them. 

She emphasizes the communication aspect of her language arts and communication class. When people go to work, they always need to have communication skills no matter what kind of job it is. Though high school students don’t realize it, Language Arts and Communication is a very important subject for everyone.

Mrs. Cattolico stated, “I think that this school has a very positive school culture, and students here are able to develop themselves and find their passions, and I’m so excited to be apart of that process.”