Cars, Clubs and Culture

Two juniors created their own club for car enthusiasts.


Captured by Morgan Fitzgerald.

Clubs have always been a great way to connect students to our campus. With so many students, who share so many different interests, the school offers a variety of clubs to join. Students even have the ability to start their own clubs. This year, there are many new clubs, including Car Club.

Car Club was established by Andrew Grant and Marcus Pompa. The two juniors share a love for cars, and since Rocklin High School does not have an auto shop class, they thought this would be a good way to connect to other students and further explore the world of cars. 

Car Club is an all inclusive club and is welcome to all students, whether they are licensed drivers or just car enthusiasts.

According to Andrew Grant, President of the club, the club “[meets] inside the photo room to plan…what we are going to do and who wants to go.”

Once a month, they will hold car meetings, where members will bring their cars and present to the group. There is also hope for a few charity fundraiser car washes and a car show event at the end of the year. 

Mr. Craig Kaylor, one of the photo teachers, is the adviser for the Club. He shares a common interest in cars and has a Dodge RT. This shared love for cars bonded Grant to Mr. Kaylor, so he knew he would be the perfect adviser for the new club. Teachers are encouraged to sit in on meetings as well. All are welcome to join!