Look Who’s Back

Protester against gay marriage returns to RHS campus


Hayden Essley

Rocklin High has seen it’s fair wave of events that break up the daily, calm and peaceful flow of the campus, ranging from unfortunate and untimely student deaths to full on threats of terrorism, all happening this year alone. Some events have been serious and scary or saddening for some, but others are sometimes just downright funny or stupid, and the protester outside of Rocklin High on May 28. 2019 after school is one event that tried to be serious, but just got joked on by students.

This protester, rumored to be named “Slim”, has shown up onto the Rocklin campus multiple times, including his “debut” around the same time last year. This protestor has tried to convey the same exact message both years; that gay marriage is wrong and immoral and that “Marriage always = 1 man 1 woman” as his signature sign that included said typo says.

This message didn’t go over to well for Rocklin students, with most disagreeing with his ideas and some even going forth with their own forms of protest; waving LGBT flags around, arguing with him over his ideals, and some even showing public displays of affection with the same gender, which gained mass support with Rocklin students.

At the time of writing this, the protestor has shown up on May 29, May 30, and is rumored to show up on the 31st.

Despite the messages given to the students by this protester, most of the students didn’t care too much for the messages and instead congregated around him because it was something different on campus, something new and rare to see. Most students, having experienced him last year though, knew what his main message was and knew how much he was joked on last year. Sights of students taking videos, selfies and other pictures and videos of him spread across Instagram and Snapchat poking fun at him and his message.

The protester tried to really inform some people of his ideas but in the end failed miserably. He attracted jokes all around from Rocklin students, instead of having his message spread.  At the end of the day, if you can’t beat them just poke fun at them instead.