Rocklin High will have a sign language class next year


For the longest time, students at Rocklin High have only had 2 foreign languages to choose from. Spanish and French.

Next year, students will also have the option of sign language.

Rocklin High hasn’t had a sign language class since before Whitney opened, or anything other than Spanish and French.

Next year RHS will offer two classes of ASL 1. ASL 2 will be offered the year after that.  

Having more class choices makes students very excited, as French and Spanish are not always easy.

“I want to take it because it offers a new experience of learning a language that isn’t an oral one. I [also] know many people who are affected by being deaf or are close to people who are.” -Riley Whitelaw, Sophomore

We’ve had ASL at Rocklin before, so it will be interesting to see if it lasts this time. Whether it does or not, students are very excited to take ASL next year.