The Greatness of Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle was a great man who was shot, ending his life too soon.


On March 31, 2019, rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot in Los Angeles in the parking lot of his store, Marathon Clothing. He was quickly transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Both the rap and professional sports communities were deeply saddened by his loss. Musicians such as DJ Khaled and athletes such as LeBron James paid their respect to Nipsey Hussle on Instagram.

´´May you rest in PARADISE Young King!!!!!!!! This one hurts big time,´´ said LeBron James in his Instagram post.

The rap and professional sports communities knew Nipsey Hussle as a man who worked to improve his neighborhood in South Los Angeles by denouncing gun violence, funding improvements to neighborhood schools and working with the LAPD. He also owned many stores.

Nipsey Hussle owned half the businesses at a plaza on the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw streets in South Los Angeles. This included a basic needs store, incoming barbershop, seafood restaurant.The Marathon Clothing Store is another business he owned and it lets customers use an app created by software designer Iddris Sandu to enhance their shopping experience.

His contributions to his community were archived into U.S. history as part of the Congressional Record, which is the official record of the debates and proceedings of the U.S. Congress. Democratic Rep. Karen Bass, who represents Hussle´s neighborhood in California’s 37th Congressional District, honored the rapper´s legacy and contributions.

Other people, such as conservative television and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, chose only to focus on Nipsey Hussle as another black man who was always involved in criminal activities.

On her show, The Ingraham Angle, Ingraham shows the video FDT (F Donald Trump) by YG & Nipsey Hussle. She believes that Nipsey Hussle is the one saying F Donald Trump when it is actually YG saying it.

Many rappers such as The Game called for the firing of Laura Ingraham, believing that it was very disrespectful that she made fun of Nipsey Hussle right after his death.

This is not the first time that conservatives have feuded with conservatives, as commentator Tomi Lahren has clashed with rappers such as Cardi B.

Ultimately, Laura Ingraham still has a talk host and Nipsey Hussle is remembered for the great work he did in his community.