Flying Into Senior Ball

Taking Senior Ball pictures at the airport


Senior Ball has always been made out to be this perfect, somewhat magical evening. Since our freshman year, we have seen the posts on social media of each year’s seniors getting ready with their friends, taking pictures and having a blast at the dance.

Being just like any other freshman, I too looked forward to taking pictures with all my friends in my fancy dress and having the best night ever. However, little did I know how unique and memorable my experience would be.

Three weeks before the dance, my date informed me that his grandpa had suddenly passed away and the funeral was scheduled for the day of Senior Ball…in Utah. Over the next couple days we put together a plan for how we could get him to the dance. The solution: he would fly in just two hours before the dance.

Going into Saturday, I knew that this dance was going to be different. I was ready to head to the airport by three with my hair done, dress on and makeup finished. Luckily his flight landed on time and I met him at the airport terminal.

He came off the plane in his tuxedo and I waited for him at the bottom of the escalator in my floor length, sequin dress.

“If I had to describe the experience, I would say it was the most unique and exciting way to take prom time, I will wear my jacket on the plane so people don’t think I’m a flight attendant,” said senior at Lincoln High School, Christopher Pickett.

Due to the colors of Christopher’s tuxedo and his decision to not wear the tuxedo jacket, he was mistaken for a flight attendant a couple times.

Taking pictures at the airport was an absolute blast. While offering some funny photo opportunities, there were actually some really good backdrops. I loved how the pictures looked and we were even left with extra time to go drive around the city before the dance.

Although I may not have taken pictures the traditional way, with friends at some park or lookout, I would not have had it any other way.