The Old Taylor CAN Come to the Phone Right Now

Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie break records with their new single ‘ME!’

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The Old Taylor CAN Come to the Phone Right Now

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The first single off of Taylor Swift’s new album ‘ME!’ featuring Brendon urie was released at midnight EST on April 26th, 2019.

The music video shattered Youtube’s record for highest female solo and 24 hour debut with 65.2 million views in the first day. This broke the previous record held by BTS and Halsey’s ‘Boy With Luv’.

The song itself is very fun. Swift said herself that the song was not meant to be serious, but rather a fun celebration of individuality. Co star Brendon Urie agreed with this statement.

The sound varies greatly from her previous album Reputation, which had many more dark undertones. ME! Is very upbeat, playful, and cheery. The music video itself actually features rainbow colors and bright pastels. The Reputation era videos had all dark and intense colors. Typically black and bright red.

The fans are also going crazy over the music video. There are a lot of easter eggs hidden throughout the video. Many of them tributes to Swift’s old songs and music videos. There’s even numerology used through things like clouds and briefcases.

However, there is one easter egg all of the fans are going crazy over.

Swift revealed that the title for her next single and the name of her album are actually hidden in the music video. Many fans have made the guess ‘LOVER’, because the word is on a neon sign in the back of one scene.

Some fans have also guessed ‘Kaleidoscope’ due to the use of kaleidoscope visuals from the video. There are also many scenes in the video which feature groups of butterflies. A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope.

The beginning scene of the video is also a parallel to Panic! At the Disco’s ‘But it’s better if you do’ video.

While the song may not have the most intricate lyrics (i.e. “I’m the only one of me, baby that’s the fun of me”, “You can’t spell awesome without me”), that wasn’t the main objective of the song. With Taylor’s song writing abilities, it’s very likely not every song on the album is like this.

“There isn’t ever one song that could just sum up what the album is. But I knew that this one felt like a celebration. It felt like something that could make you feel good.” – Taylor Swift

Whether you liked ‘ME!’ or not, we should all be excited to hear Taylor’s new sound. There’s no way of knowing what she has up her sleeve.