Going on a Little Tour

Students on campus create new travel app


Through the course of these modern times, more and more innovations have been created to help out everyday human life in almost every aspect, with different inventions being created for specific jobs.

One such device that’s used pretty commonly is travel guides. From crudely drawn maps to full-on phone apps, the travel game has really upped the ante, and that’s just a recent innovation compared to some other modern innovations.

Some Rocklin High students have recently entered the travel game, creating a revolutionary new travel app called “Tour”, further bringing the travel game to an even more modern foothold.

“This app really came out of our own frustration. Me and my current co-founder and one of my best friends for 7 years were discussing about planning trips and we found that with current solutions on the market were extremely difficult [to work with], and we had to use spreadsheets and pen and paper just ot plan trips, and it was extremely ridiculous, so we decided to solve the problem by ourselves and create a simple interface that literally everyone could use and to hopefully make planning trips as a whole much more fun and less boring, and most importantly easy”, said Maxim Kraft, co-founder and creator of the app.

The app itself had about 1000 different users with almost 100 actively weekly users, with Maxim hoping to have that user base grow to 10,000 users, to where he states that, “we can hopefully see a healthy profit once we reach [that goal]”.

“Currently we use the old business model of ‘every profit we make, we directly reinvest back into the company’. The way that we make profit is through taking commissions from bookings, but the app and all of its features are totally free”, says Maxim.

Maxim states that the app itself is “one of the best on the market”, saying, “it’s mostly better because we use a drag and drop interface rather than manual entry, which is one of the most innovative pieces right now, but in the whole we plan on getting rid of any input so that way we can make the experience as smooth as possible for the consumer”.

At the moment, Maxim or any of the other developers don’t plan on creating any other apps, saying that, “creating anything else currently would take away from the refined experience that were trying to create for Tour”.

Tour is currently free on the App Store and the Google Play Store for all to download and to use for planning their own “Tour”!