Sadies Breaks The Curse Of Low Attendance

Post Sadies


After the underwhelming turnout of previous dances this year, many may be curious as to whether Sadies was affected by students’ burnout. Fortunately, avoided this and had a turn out of 700 students.  The student reaction was overall positive.

“I thought Sadies was absolutely amazing and a very fun night,” says freshman Yasmine Nafaji.

“Sadies was fun, bright and had great songs. They had a photobooth and funny props. You could dance all night or take a break and take pictures in front of the space wall,” says sophomore Katie Lopez.

“It was boring because I didn’t have any friends there,” says sophomore Luke Bezanson.

 ASB believes the low turnout of the previous may be the direct result of seniors being less interested in school events. This in turn makes the lowerclassmen not want to show up either.

ASB is currently discussing and working on solutions to the curse of low dance attendance this year.

“Sadie’s Dance was over 700. We are eliminating the Runaway Dance next year and keeping the February dance as a semi formal.” John Thompson.