Tackling Taekwondo

Josh Garland overcomes the negative aspects of Taekwondo to turn the sport into something he loves


Twice a week, sophomore Josh Garland chooses to go to Taekwondo instead of hanging out with friends or playing on his phone. He can feel bored at times.

“At tournaments, there’s a lot of waiting involved, due to it being individual participation, and sometimes I have to miss some valuable school time. Taekwondo can become very repetitive,”

he says.

However, there are many positives to the sport that Josh participates in. He is able to build on his Taekwondo skills, such as self-defense.

“In class we practice material such as [Taekwondo] forms and sparring in order to prepare for testing for the next level. I also have a one-on-one [individual practice] with my instructor,” he says.

“At tournaments, I am able to compete against kids from other schools, and I help to judge the younger kids,” he says.

While Josh may have to sacrifice time spent playing on his phone and hanging out with his friends, he has been able to gain a lot from Taekwondo. He has become a Taekwondo master as he is a 3rd degree black belt, one of the highest ranks. He has also been able to help the youth.