One High School, One College, Five Kids

Senior Janae Schmidt is the fifth kid in her family to attend BYU


College usually entails each member of a family going their separate ways. However, for senior Janae Schmidt this is not the case.

All five of Janae’s older siblings attended Rocklin High School and now the same university, Brigham Young University, with overlapping years. After recently receiving a letter of acceptance to that same college, Janae will be the fifth and final Schmidt to attend the same college.

Having had all five of her older siblings apply and be accepted to BYU, Janae felt a lot of pressure to be accepted.

“Because all of my siblings had gone there or are currently going there, I felt the pressure to make it in as well. Before I had made it in my parents use to say that all of their kids were going to have gone to the same high school and college. But now that it’s actually true, its crazy.”

Wanting so badly to attend BYU and uphold the ‘Schmidt Legacy’ she felt weighed down on her, Janae worked super hard all throughout high school to secure her spot at the university.

“It is so crazy to me because not many people go to the same college as all of their siblings, let alone five of them. They have all told me amazing things about the school and have made me even more excited to attend,” said Janae.

Janae cannot wait to carry the ‘Schmidt Legacy’ with her to BYU as she is the last Schmidt to attend RHS.

“I am so excited for what the future holds and hope that I will be able to grow even closer with my siblings as I attend BYU.”