From an Epic Hobby to an Epic Ride

Ryan Morgan and his father have a great passion for cars, and they’re working on a pretty sick one right now.


Ryan Barbieri

Everyone has a dream car. Whether it be a Tesla or a Porsche, they’re probably not going to get it in their lifetime. However, a freshman at Rocklin High School has already got his.

The 1965 Ford Mustang is Ryan Morgan’s favorite car, and it’s sitting in his garage. It may be surprising that someone without a driver’s license already has a car, but that’s not the entire story.

Ryan’s father bought the Mustang used in the hopes of giving it better parts and maybe even a new coat of paint.

“Currently, some parts make a noise when the car is turned on, so we are trying to fix that,” he says.

Surprisingly, Ryan really enjoys working on the car, and he’s not reluctant to do it. On the other hand, others probably see Ryan’s hobby as a chore!

“I like to Go-Kart sometimes,” Ryan says, “but I’ll work on the Mustang anytime I’m needed.”

Speaking of Go-Karts, Ryan tends to go with his dad. He says he’s pretty good at it, and he beats almost all of his competition.

Though Ryan is always involved with anything car related, he still has to stay up to date on his schoolwork.

“I really don’t like school,” he says, “but I know I have to get everything done either way.

Ryan has lived in Rocklin for most of his life, and he has always been up to date with whatever is new about cars.

Ryan really likes cars in general, and it seems he can’t get enough of them. Sadly, the Mustang won’t be his when they’re finished with it, but Ryan has hopes he’ll be able to drive it when he’s older.

Though Ryan is involved with school now, he still wants to work on cars during the years to come.