Desolate Dances

Turnout for dances has decreased this year


It is evident that attendance at Rocklin High School dances has not been that of previous years. With this year having eight dances, some students found this to be an overwhelming amount of dances to go to.

“It just seems like a lot. Especially with the winter formal happening a month before Junior Prom, I don’t feel like I need to go to both,” says Junior Riley Babineau.

The most recent dance, Runaway, topped out at 150 people. They sold 39 tickets in the student store, 25 at the door, and only 20% of dance pass holders attended the dance.

One problem students had was the increased dance prices on the last day. With the basketball tournament happening during plus and lunch, people would have to go out of their way to trek down to the student store. This discouraged people to buy tickets once the price went up so drastically.

Two new dances this year are the Halloween dance and the winter formal, which ASB has named Heavenly.

The Halloween dance also had a lower turnout than expected. Due to it competing with a holiday many people were having their own parties and didn’t feel the need to pay for the dance.

Many people feel that it is the culture of this year’s graduating class that influences the underclassmen. If more seniors attended the dances, underclassman would feel compelled to go.

Junior Selah Penny says, “I remember my freshman year so many people went to the dances, especially seniors so it made everyone else want to go.”

Despite the turnout, ASB’s Activities committee continues to put in just as much effort as they do every dance, working for hours on decorations and ways to make each dance special.

With the Winter Formal Heavenly dance happening this weekend, it is a great way for Rocklin students to connect to the campus with a fun, new dance.