Aquaman Review

Aquaman Makes Big Splashes


Lauren Millard

If you are planning on watching Aquaman, make sure you do so on the big screen. The impressive underwater world is breathtaking and it’s intricacy makes the film worthwhile.

DCU’s newest film starring the forever loved Jason Momoa is a whole lot of fun, however after two hours the fun begins to end and the corny one liners begin to get old.

The film is not one to take seriously, or critically examine for the most sound plot. To someone looking for great cinematic art, Aquaman would be a disappointment. The story rambles off way too often and makes the film feel more like three movies rather than one.

Conversely, to those who watch Aquaman with an open mind (and a love for Jason Momoa) the film’s goofy nature is what gives it charm.

After Marvel released the spectacular Black Panther and introduced the world to Wakanda, it almost seems as DCU responded to the film by introducing their new world under the sea.

As the movie progresses Aquaman goes on a quest with and Atlantean, who also serves as his love interest. Each quest takes the two to a new world. These quests make the movie feel sort of like a video game.

Each world is intricately created and captivates the reader. The audience reaction to Aquaman was most likely as good as it was because of how well made, and detailed the movie was.

Some argue that the stretched out plot and over the top acting ruins the film, regardless the film is a masterpiece of its own, like Black Panther, and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse it opens up the superhero world to more amazing possibilities.

For big superhero fans this movie is pivotal, whether or not the plot is flawless, a loved character, and a beautiful world we’re just introduced to the big screen. Everyone is excited for more of these under the sea movies.