End of the Semester Stress

How students deal with stress, especially at the end of the semester

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End of the Semester Stress

Gabriella Barnes

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The end of the semester brings a new level of excitement for the holidays. However, it also brings a whole different world of stress, finals, studying and make up work as students struggle to deal with their six to eight classes.

Whether it be pulling all nighters, studying for three classes a day or balancing multiple projects, students are overall struggling to keep their grades up.

“All the classes need to finish up their units so we have all our tests at the same time,” says junior Grace Birdwell.

“Grades. If you’re failing a class, you have to get your grades up so you do not have to go to summer school or retake the class second semester,” said freshman Kayla Wells.

So what can students do so that they are not stressed out and overwhelmed? Sometimes taking mental breaks can be the best thing to do.

Have a list where you can write out all the different things or tests you have to study for. As you complete each task, check it off so that you don’t forget and you can pace yourself.

“Focus on the classes you have low grades in,” says Oliva Diven, junior. “If you have like a no mark thats a 68 in one class, work on that one first, because it’s easier to get that one up.”

Plan out things so you aren’t rushing to do them the day before they are due.

Overall as the semester comes to an end make sure to stay in a positive mood and not stress yourself out too much.