Mortal Engines… Amazing or a Waste?

Newest movie is the biggest flop


Mortal Engines is based on a novel written by Philip Reeve, and as of December 14, 2018, it has come out as a movie filled with thrills, action and a new perception of the future. This film has a steampunk feel to it, where everything is old and rustic, yet far more advanced than our world today.

The film was directed by Christian Rivers, and co-written by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. The visual effects and graphics were absolutely stunning and creative. However, the movie has received a lot of unsatisfied viewers.

Exhibitor Relations analyst, Jeff Bock, told Variety, “This is a true Christmas Disaster and a lump of coal for Universal.” He is not the only one to feel this way. Many people that paid for a ticket are claiming it was a waste of money and two hours they will never get back.

The time is set hundreds of years after civilization has been destroyed and the world is broken apart into thousands of new lands. The city of London is the main villain to every other land owner and civilian.

Main character, Hester Shaw, is an orphan seeking revenge on the man who murdered her mother. This man is a very high ranked person in the London kingdom, and his only goal is to run the world. Hester’s mother was an architect who found something she wish she never saw. It was the control panel to a machine that can tear down barriers and kill thousands. Hester’s mother was killed because of this discovery, and she refuses to have any other lives lost over the device.

Overall, the movie was somewhat predictable, and had many story plots shoved into one. It was hard to keep up with the character advances and relationships throughout the movie. However, it was beautifully directed and the cast was brilliant. The race diversity and gender equality is something I believe everyone can appreciate. Although many are unhappy with the result, it was an interesting movie and a great story to watch.