Whitney Ranch Sunset Run

Look back at the Whitney Ranch Sunset Run


The Sunset Run is one of Rocklin’s newest recreational areas that took place at the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area.  

What used to be the Rocklin golf course hosted a run on November third as a first look and fundraiser to open the property to the public. You had the option of either running/walking one point three miles, two and a half miles, or three point eight miles. The race started at 3:30, and you had until 5:30 to complete the race.

Although there are no medals or awards given out for completing the race, you got the opportunity to explore the new Sunset Ranch recreational area!

Some of the most passionate participants were those who lived in the areas surrounding the once active golf course.

“I live very close to the golf course, so it was a huge triumph for me and all my neighbors when the city was able to negotiate a deal with the man who wanted to develop houses on the property. I thought the run was an amazing show of community support for our own little stretch of nature as there were over 600 runners registered, doubling their initial projected attendance. Me and my whole family participated, and it was a great opportunity to spend time with them and get out into nature, the whole thing was organized extremely well and there was a very fun atmosphere. I would recommend it next year to anyone thinking about going,” said senior, Paige Matthews.

The event was a huge hit and brought attention to a worthwhile cause.