Where Is Club Rush?

Club Rush was postponed this year, but will it even happen?


Emma Conway

Within the first couple weeks of every school year, students can expect to participate in Club Rush, an event in which every club in school goes into the amphitheatre to recruit new members for their club.

Clubs that can be found here include French Club, Ping Pong Club and Halo Club. The purpose of the event is to connect freshman and new students to the campus by allowing them to find people with similar interests and hobbies.

Due to the recent labor dispute, Club Rush has been postponed several times. While some clubs have started running such as Robotics, CSF and NHS, the vast majority of clubs at Rocklin are on a hiatus.

Junior Riley Babineau says, “Club rush is something I look forward to every year. It is really disappointing that we can’t do it until the labor issue is resolved.”

Slowly but surely, clubs are starting to come back. The morning announcements show that there are club meeting happening every week.

“It’s kind of confusing because they have the club meetings posted but we never had club rush so we didn’t get to really sign up for any new clubs,” says junior Annalise Dagenbach.

With these issues still going on, it is unsure if club rush will be happening this year.

Activities director Mr. Thompson says, “As of right now, nothing is scheduled for club rush. We are waiting to see what happens.”

Club rush is only one important part of school that is being hindered.

In the meantime, make sure to pay attention to the morning announcements to see if any clubs are holding meetings.