Halloween Dance Preview

A sneak peek into what to expect from this year's Halloween Dance


“Wait, there’s a Halloween dance?”

That was a common response from students told about the dance. And not only is there a new Halloween dance, but also a winter semi-formal.

November 2nd will be the date of the new Halloween dance. The dance, like all other casual dances, will last from 8-11 at night. This will be a casual costume dance so you can dress up for Halloween.

“I will have to get out and talk about it proactively to talk about to talk about you still gotta be in dress code. You still can’t wear a mask. We have to be able to identify you by your face, so no face paint,” said Activities Director John Thompson.

The tickets for the dance will be $10 with an ASB card and $15 without. Ticket sales will begin the Monday before the dance, October 29th. The dance will probably take place in the large gym, though ticket sales may cause it to be moved to the smaller gym.

Dance guest passes will be available with your assistant principal if you want to bring any of your Whitney or WSCA friends. Just make sure you get them in with time for the office to process the forms before the dance.

Right now ASB is in the brainstorming process for dance decorations. The plan for ASB is to decorate the trophy case,  the snack bar, and make an arch. For the winter semi-formal, they are still deciding on the theme, though it will most likely be tied into winter. These new dances are different from dances like Homecoming and Sadie’s that are mostly permanent in their timing and only differ in their theme.

“We haven’t made a formal theme for [the winter dance], so I don’t really know what direction we’re going to head in [with decorations],” said ASB Dance Commissioner Geneva Sen Pa.

The winter dance has previously been a semi-formal date dance called Hearts of Fire that was near Valentine’s day and then a blacklight dance that they moved away from Valentine’s Day. When planning the themes of dances, ASB always tries their best to get as much student body input as possible.

“The strong input that we got was that Whitney has a winter semi-formal and they all love it and we want one,” Thompson said.

The winter semi-formal is planned to take place February 9th. Which, yes, is close to Valentine’s Day if you’re planning on asking a special someone. The dance will be for all intents and purposes a semi-formal, though there will some changes and unique circumstances.

The decorations of the dance will also be that of a semiformal dance, with all the stops pulled out. It will, however, ASB decorating the cafeteria for the first time.

“It’s going to be in the cafeteria this year, which is going to be a new challenge for us because we’ve never decorated in the cafeteria before,” Geneva said.

One thing unique about the dance is that because of conflicts with ThunderCats Basketball, the dance is actually on a Saturday and in the cafeteria.

Another thing is that the dance tickets will be the same price as casual dance tickets, $10 with ASB and $15 without. However, the length of the dance will still be that of a semiformal, from 8-11:30 PM.

The semi-formal dance at the casual price is aimed to give students the option of a semi-formal, but without the extra strain of money.

“I don’t want to hammer you guys with another increased cost… We’re going to try it and see what happens,” Thompson said.