Below the Stadium Lights

An interview with Cole Wyant about Varsity Football


Sports Team Interview (Varsity Football)


#1 Q: Are you the leader on the team?

“Yeah, my brother, Joey Wolf, and I are the team captains.”


#2 Q: Does your team have a tight bond?

“Yeah, I’d say we are tight because we are spending the whole day together and lifting 650 weights everyday. We also have practice from 4-6 so spending that much time together makes us close.”


#3 Q: What is your role on the team?

“Since I am the linebacker I have to run the defense a little bit. I make sure everyone is in line and able to communicate before and after the game to make sure everyone is focus. Also to make sure we attack the right way.”


#4 Q: Do you have a nickname on the team. If so why?

“On the football field my team usually calls me Cole or Coley because at home thats what my brother and my family call me”


#5 Q: Do you like RHS in general. Do you think it’s a good school?

“Yeah I love Rocklin High School. I think it is a great atmosphere and is great for kids.”


#6 Q: How do you feel about the coaching staff, if there a mutual respect level there?

“I love our coaches. They are always there for you like a second dad. Sometimes you spend so much time with them in the offseason they are more like your parents then your actual ones. They are always there for you making you a better person and player.”


#7 Q: How much time does football take up of your life?

“During the season it takes a decent amount of time because you’re getting up early and you always have practice from 4-6 not having that much time at home. I mean it’s not overwhelming, you still have time to hangout with your friends and do your homework. ”


#8 Q: Do you think it is worth it to put in time?

“I definitely think it is worth it because it makes you a better person and teaches you a bunch of life lessons. It also trains you and help you make close friends.”