The New Teacher on Campus

Ms. Chelsea Jones takes over AP U.S. History classes

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The New Teacher on Campus

Rachael Patterson

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Since Mrs. Julianne Benzel decided to not return to Rocklin High School this year, her AP U.S. History classes were left without a teacher. Thankfully, Ms. Chelsea Jones was here to step in.

Jones was originally assigned to teach World History, however she was the only readily available teacher qualified to teach AP U.S. History. Jones still teaches four World History classes, but her sixth period conflicted with the AP U.S. History class that needed a teacher. This left a World History class without a teacher, which is now being taught by Mr. Ryan Spears.

During the time it took to find a new teacher, the class made a rotation between room R27, the tech lecture hall, and then to C2.

Despite finding out that she was going to be teaching APUSH at the beginning of the school year, Jones was glad,  not stressed.

“I was excited to apply some of the skills and techniques that we discussed in the [AP] training over at Sac State over the summer. I was excited to put them into play in the school year instead of having to make up things without actually getting to try them out with my students.”

“As with anything there are challenges when you have to start a class after school has started. I’m sure students recognize that feeling when your schedule changes and you’re walking into a new classroom only the second or third day. I just think that that how myself as a teacher and our students approach the situation is really important. Keeping a positive attitude and putting in extra time, energy, and work that’s gonna be needed to get caught up and feel like we never missed a step [is vital for success]”, said Jones.

Although the beginning of the year was slightly chaotic for many students, all room and teacher changes are now final. This should not have an impact on classes for the rest of the year.