Game Of The Century-Borderlands

A Truly Unforgettable Experience

Game Of The Century-Borderlands

Alejandro Gonzales

Borderlands is an engaging RPG (role playing game) released in 2009. There are four playable characters, each with their own special abilities, that help them during combat. Roland has his turret, Brick has his fists, Mordecai a pet bird named bloodwing, and Lilith can phasewalk. This allows her enter a different dimension briefly and cause a large amount of damage to enemies upon returning to reality.

The four individuals are connected by a single goal. To find a vault on an alien planet called Pandora which is rumored to be filled with loot. They are referred to as vault hunters throughout the game, and are essentially a combination of treasure hunters and mercenaries.

Naturally, the story is focused on the adventures of these vault hunters in their quest to get fill their pockets with extra terrestrial treasure. The story sounds simple, but it actually has a lot to offer. From wacky characters to emotional and comedic moments, this game has it all.

There are countless side missions to partake in, each one rewarding the player with an item to add to their inventory, typically a weapon of some sort. Story missions require the player to level up twice by the end of the quest. Side missions are a helpful way to avoid being a level twenty noob during the final boss battle, when the player should be level thirty.

Leveling up gives the player a skill point. These can be spent in three skill trees, which all make the character’s special ability more powerful. More than just a neat mechanic, spending the points really allows the player to feel as if they are the character.

The game also features a well developed world far beyond anything that been seen before. The scenery is realistic enough to make the player feel as though they truly are walking in the desert. One of the key aspects of this game is its scenery. A small portion takes place in a desert like wasteland, but the rest takes place in a non desert like wasteland.

This reveals the game’s crucial flaw. In the first mission, the player exits a bus and gets a chance to see the Arid Badlands for the first time. Almost immediately, the sand becomes overwhelming. What would have been a pretty aesthetic otherwise becomes a drab wasteland. Due to the abundance of sand the game’s overall score is a one out of ten.