Whitney Transfers: The Impact of Friends

This school year 81 students transferred from Whitney to Rocklin


Haley Bradbury

With school being such an important part of our day, we all need a good group of friends in order to make our high school experience more enjoyable.Because of this, many Whitney students have decided to transfer to Rocklin this year.

Just this year, 81 students have transferred from Whitney high school to Rocklin and as it turns out, their friends are a big reason for that.

When asked why she made the switch to Rocklin High School, freshman London Bailey, said      “Friends was really the main reason why I transferred. I wanted to be closer to them cause I thought it would make high school more fun for me.”

Freshman Blake Lindsey said “ I had really close friends at Granite Oaks and we got split up when high school started. I wanted to transfer to Rocklin to be with my really good friends again.”

Previously the school had a one to one ratio policy when it came to transfer students, making it more difficult to switch. One student from Whitney and one student from Rocklin would have to decide they wanted to transfer schools, that way there wouldn’t be a school with more students.

But the school district is trying to make it easier on those who want change schools.

Principal Mr. Dave Stewart said,” “We want every student to be able to go to the secondary school that they want to go to….. we do a really good job of working between the schools.”

The amount of transfer students has brought up the question of if this might be contributing to the overcrowdedness, but Stewart explains that despite not always using the one to one policy, both schools have an almost the exact same number of transfer students.

Being able to transfer has made the school experience much more enjoyable for many of the students.

Kristina Salvatierra, a senior who transferred from Whitney to Rocklin two years ago said, “Yes I’m very glad I transferred. I’m a lot happier here, I’m more involved in the school, and I feel like, I, as an individual matter at the school, and the teachers really care about my success. I’m much happier here being with all my friends.”

Overall, transferring schools has been a way for people to make the best out of their high school experience, and shows the difference a few friends can make.