The Future of Culinary

Rocklin High School Culinary teacher, Mrs. Taudine Andrew will be leaving, questioning the future of the Culinary class.


Madison Haydn Myer

Allison McCrary

Culinary teacher Mrs. Andrew has left RHS for the remainder of the school year as she moves to Crescent City, California with her family. After vacationing there for the past 20 years, Mrs. Andrew and her family have been looking for vacation property up in the area for the last year and a half.

“We were up there a few weeks ago..we really liked the area a lot and were thinking about moving there in the future, so I just thought ‘I’m going to check and see what the school district is like’..and they had two positions open at the middle I’ll be switching completely subject areas, grade levels, everything,” said Andrew.

However, it wasn’t until six days before the first day of school that everything was finalized and Andrew talked with the school.

“She sent me an email at 10 o’clock on last Thursday [the week prior to school starting]…and then we corresponded back and forth that she had taken a job up in North Del Rio teach up there..her and her husband are going to be working together. It sounds like a great opportunity for her,” Principal Davis Stewart said .

Now the questions remains of what the school’s plan is for the position. According to Principal Stewart, before posting the position online, the school first met with their CTE (Career Technical Education) department to discuss the plan for the course.

“Culinary, in specific, has had a real challenging time building a full CTE pathway. We have a lot of students who sign up for Culinary 1, but only one section, about 30 students that sign up for Culinary 2. We could never get to a Culinary 3…so we were already looking at ‘is this a viable program on our campus’…so when we look at Rocklin High School needs and we look at the number of students who leave Rocklin High School and the careers they choose, a teacher education program would be one that would be a need to give to our students…Early Childhood and Adolescent Development,” said Stewart, Principal.

As of right now, Culinary will no longer be a course option after this year and will be replaced by a CTE program called Early Childhood and Adolescent Development. This course will be for those who want to be teachers or educators in their future and is very similar to what Whitney High School has in place.

As a result of the decision to discontinue Culinary, the position was posted immediately as a short-term job for just the remainder of this school year. Until the position is filled, Mrs. Susie McCrary will be the long term substitute for the course for a minimum of three weeks.

When Andrew and her husband, Taylor transfer to the middle school, they will be working together as Special Education teachers. Mr. Andrew has already been working as a Special Education teacher in the Sacramento Unified School District  and together the two of them will team teach with Mr. Andrew being Mrs. Andrew’s mentor while she gets her proper teaching credentials for special ed.

Mrs. Andrew is not only excited to be living in her favorite city and working with her husband, but to get to spend more time her family.

“While I love what I do down here, I am kind of over committed. I have a lot of additional responsibilities outside of my teaching responsibilities, and i’ll be able to kind of let some of that go and focus on the things that are most important to me: spending time with my family, enjoying the beautiful natural world that is amazing,” said Mrs. Andrew.

Mrs. Andrews and her family (including daughter Lucy Andrew, senior) had their last day in Rocklin on Friday and are currently making the big move.