Graduating as a Junior

Tamsen Dean, junior, will be graduating with the class of 2018.


Allison McCrary

Tamsen decided last semester that she wanted to graduate as a junior. So, when spring semester began, she dropped two of her electives in order to complete the requirements needed to graduate at the end of her junior year.

“I basically take on my silver days three English classes, one class in the morning is called Expository Reading and Writing class, then I go to [Senior English], and then AP Lang,” said Tamsen.

Since Tamsen missed first semester of Senior English, she took two English classes this semester to compensate and was already taking two history classes (APUSH and AP Gov).

Tamsen’s decision to graduate early was not without reason. She knows what she wants to do after high school.

“I am going to apply for colleges while I am abroad. It is a program called AFS…I am planning to study abroad next year in Germany. I want to help out the refugee crisis… [and] study economics,” said Tamsen.

Although Tamsen is very excited to see what these next couple years hold, there is one downfall to her early departure: her friends. 

“I am happy for her and excited that she is going to be going onto a new chapter of her life, it is just going to be different..because she is my best friend..[but] I’ll be happy to know she is having fun and experiencing a new side of life,” said Paige Walsworth, one of Tamsen’s closest friends. 

With so much to look forward to, the next couple of years of Tamsen’s life are sure to be a time she will never forget.