A Re-Review of Battlefield 1: What’s Changed?

Battlefield 1 revisited, now has 4 new DLCs


Hayden Essley

Approximately one year ago, I made a review about the most recent title in DICE’s Battlefield series, Battlefield 1. I gave the game high praise, but in its state back then it had many issues that needed resolving such as the game’s content feeling empty and lacking. But now, a year has passed and the game’s content feels full, providing three new DLCs as well as a fourth on its way sometime within the next couple of weeks. So, the question is; what’s new?

Ever since March with the release of the first DLC, They Shall Not Pass, new game content has steadily been coming, giving players more to enjoy. The expansions included the arrival of factions such as the French, Russian and Royal Marines factions into the game. New weapons have arrived as well, spanning from small pistols and revolvers to full sized rifles, deadly machine guns and effective submachine guns. New maps are also in rotation with combat to be seen from the warm, sunny planes of northern France, the cold and bitter streets of a Russian city, or  intense combat on the high seas of Heligoland Bight. The game’s expansions have provided Battlefield 1 with the feeling of a true global conflict that shook the whole world.

Along with these new expansions, a new weapon balance patch has been put into play this past month, drastically affecting the combat pace on the ground. The time-to-kill, or TTK, has been altered to affect all weapons and make them much more effective in their given roles and ranges. As well as these changes to the TTK, there are new “specializatio

ns” that have been added, giving perks like added suppression or explosive resistance. However, the player must complete the assignment in order to unlock these perks. Some of these assignments are very specific and could take very long to complete.

Overall, Battlefield 1 is has changed much since it’s release in October 2016. It has brought much new content into the game and provided an experience like no other. It has become the flagship game for providing the average video game player with the experiences of WWI while still remaining fun. However, the game will unfortunately never reach the amount of players it once had in the first two months after its launch. The game though, in my eyes, is still an all-time great and I urge you, the reader, to return to the game if you have it and give it another shot.