Body Love

Dance 4 students promote loving yourself through their VAPA assembly performance

Janae Schmidt

This year’s VAPA assembly included a contemporary dance that conveyed a message of self love. The choreographers were seniors Makayla Hanegan and Giselle Killian.  It had an interesting twist without using a traditional song, but yet a girls voice in the background speaking of her troubles with her own body.  It demonstrated struggles of people trying to fit in and feeling loved.

“I decided to choreograph a dance about self love because I think it is a very significant topic that affects a majority of people but is not talked about very often! We hoped to bring awareness to the growing number of people who are struggling with body image and mental illness and that this dance inspires students to learn to love their own imperfections and of those around them,” said senior choreographer, Makayla Hanegan.

The dance was beautifully choreographed. It drew the audience in with every step.

“I chose a girl talking rather than a traditional song because I believed people would actually hear the words being spoken if the singer was talking than just passively listening to the music in the background of a dance,” said Makayla.

On the surface, the dance had great intentions of promoting self love. We need more of that in this world. But to some, the topic of self love is sensitive and trying to promote self love can do more harm than good.

“I have nothing against the dance team, but the dance was really hypocritical because it says you should talk about accepting your imperfections, but then they wear a full face of makeup. And since they wear a full face of makeup they’re not really accepting their imperfections, they’re just covering it up,” said Adarsh Venkata, junior.

The dancers are required to wear makeup for their performance, but some students believe it would’ve made more of a statement if they hadn’t worn it.

On another note, Kristen Toppings, a sophomore, said “I thought it was really good because it brought awareness to the subject. It was really good to bring attention to it by dancing.”

Overall, the dance had good intentions and brought awareness to a serious issue. The dancers executed the choreography beautifully and were full of passion. We all have struggles with body image and it was an interesting perspective to see it through dance form.