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Tinkerbell: A Story Filled With Hope

Tinkerbell teaches children important life lessons.

Jenna Patton

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Tinkerbell originated in the play Peter Pan and fans automatically fell in love with her. The whole Tinkerbell Franchise was about 300 million dollars in total. Tinkerbell has made it big in movies, video games, and more. It has a rate of 85 percent on rotten tomatoes and is proven that 87 percent of viewers loved the movie. And some might say that Disney’s tinkerbell is overrated, It is not.

In Disney’s Tinkerbell, the character growth in this story is amazing. Tinkerbell starts off as a lonely tinker. She only has two friends, Bubble and Clank and at first she is proud of who she was meant to be.

It was the changing of the seasons and every other kind of fairy has a large part of the changing and they all get to go to the mainland. After Tinker Bell finds out that she will not be able to go to the mainland, she wants to change her talent. She talks to her friends about it and at first they were all hesitant but eventually gave in and tried to help Tink find a new talent.

Tink goes to Vidia who is a wind fairy and Vidia gives her the challenge to capture all the sprinting thistles roaming the gardens. Tinkerbell accepts the challenge. As trying to capture the thistles, it ended badly by ruining the chances of spring coming to the mainland. Tink feels awful and wants to help. After being lectured upon by Queen Clarion, she thinks of a way to help.

Tinkerbell goes back to her workstation and starts to think of ways that she can get spring back to the mainland. She figures that if there is something that can’t help the fairies prepare faster then she will make it. After working for hours, tink finally creates some machines to help prepare for spring. She purposes these ideas to the Queen and the fairies start to get to work on making spring happen.

After all the hard work is done, The fairy council allowed Tinkerbell to go to the mainland. Tink realized that being a Tinker was who she was supposed to be and from now on no one will let her change her perspective on her talent.

Tinkerbell is an underrated movie. It has a good amount of life lessons that need to be learned in everyday life. For example, if you are meant to be something, your friends should want you to be that instead of trying to change you. Tink’s friends did that. They didn’t want her to change her talent because they were looking out for what was to happen to her in the future.

Not only does Tinkerbell focus on friends, it focuses on accepting yourself and who you are meant to be. Tink was ashamed to be a tinker but later found great joy in what she was doing.

Tinkerbell helps young kids to realize that they can be whatever they want to be and no one or anything should be allowed to say that you should be something else. It also shows that friends should always be there for you.They have an opinion but don’t let that opinion get in the of what you’re really thinking. Everyone needs to rewatch Tinkerbell and watch for the lessons that go on in the movie.

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Tinkerbell: A Story Filled With Hope