The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Students Get Excited as Holiday Season Draws Near


Janae Schmidt

With Thanksgiving break less than a week away, students are already getting excited for the holidays. This time of the year is a very fun and exciting one. Everyone has different and unique ways to get in the holiday spirit and celebrate. Most students said they start getting into the holiday spirit in November.

“What I do to get into the holiday spirit is I decorate my room, I put out little snowman pillows, I get candles that smell like the holidays, like pine scented. I always have a

 Christmas pandora station going. I also put on some jammies,” said junior Taylor Sorenson.

“I decorate my house, and then I go on trips with my family. We go to apple hill every year and get a tree from the tree farm,” said Lindsey Wickum, a freshman.

Decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music, and spending time with loved ones all bring upon the spirit of the holidays. After getting into the spirit, friends and families start doing their holiday traditions.

“My favorite tradition is every year my mom’s side of the family gets together for a big christmas party, and all of the kids buy another kid a present. It’s like a big gift swap,” said Jayleen Poore, a sophomore.

“On Christmas day we like to drive up to Idaho and see my Grandma,” said sophomore Alex Portillo.

“Every year on Christmas eve me and my cousins jump into our pool and go swimming,” said Noah Dyson, a senior.

It’s no lie that the Christmas season is a wonderful time of the year. Every student on the RHS campus has something fun they do for the holidays, and celebrate in their own ways.

But, for some, Christmas isn’t just about the fun traditions and receiving presents. The holiday season is also a time of giving and service. It’s a time of year to show your loved ones that they matter to you and that you love them.

Jayleen said what they do to serve others is “we do a lot of baking for our neighbors.”

“Christmas Morning we go with my church to the Sacramento area and we handout jackets, clothes, and supplies to our friends who live outside. Instead of christmas as a day of you getting everything, you give other people things,” said junior Hannah Dungan, “you feel really happy cause you give things to people who need it more than you do.”

The Benzel family has also decided this year to turn christmas into a day of service and giving. Instead of having presents for themselves, they are going to give to others. Julianne Benzel, one of the US History teachers, said, “We are extremely blessed in general, and I feel like with all hurricanes in florida and texas, the fires in Santa Rosa, it just seemed like there really is a need this year.”

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to serve others and show your love for them. But it is also a great time of the year for fun traditions and jam sessions to christmas music.

Have fun during the holiday season!