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Out With the Old, In With the News

Broadcasting Teacher Brings New Way of Delivering News

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Every day last year, every Rocklin High student would walk into their first class of the day, tired and drowsy, and get ready for class. But at least one thing would try to lift up their moods; the morning announcements, with the hosts’ witty humor and upbeat attitudes.

However, many changes have been made this year to Rocklin’s broadcasting program. The old broadcasting teacher, Mr. Jeffrey, has left his position at Rocklin and taken a new position as Del Oro’s broadcasting leader.

That doesn’t mean that the morning announcements are completely over, though. Rocklin High has recruited a new broadcasting teacher, Mr. Ryan O’Donnell, who was a teacher here at Rocklin about two years ago, but left to assist others around the district with computer troubles.

With this new teacher, however,  new methods are being enacted to inform everyone about what’s happening around  campus. Instead of daily morning announcements via video, O’Donnell now delivers the announcements through a Google Doc with all the information that the video broadcast would bring.

“I don’t know about degrees, but I just hope my expectations are either met or exceeded from what happened last year”, says O’Donnell when asked about how he will improve on last years broadcasting class.

Along with these announcements, O’Donnell has proposed the idea of a weekly show every Friday, highlighting events and the people around Rocklin High, featuring things like funny tidbits of people going around and asking the students of Rocklin High their opinions on any subject, among other things.

“We will be able to construct a better, more scripted, and overall more fun show, instead of a poorly written informational show.” says O’Donnell on how a weekly show will be better than the daily show that we had last year.

Opinions on the new show are definitely varied, however. About half the people that were interviewed dislike the new form of announcements.

“It sucks. The announcements seem really forced and fake in the morning, and I believe they don’t provide enough information”, says Jacob Fields, a junior this year.

While the negative tones toward the new methods of delivering news, there are many, many positive outlooks on the show, even looked fondly upon by the new show production team.

“I actually like the announcements! They lighten up my mood in the morning and they’re actually pretty funny!” says Nouran Badawy, a sophomore this year.

“I think the show has improved from last year because it seems like last year not many people were not actually paying attention to the show itself, and it seems like this year we are able to make the show more fun and interesting than last year.” says Parker Mckenzie, a sophomore who is next in line to be one of the directors for the show.

“I think the show is alot better than last year because the s howe last year seemed like it was all rushed and last minute, whereas this year it seems better produced and more organized than last year.” says Canyon Props, a sophomore involved in the production of the show.

Whether or not you actually like the announcements, they’re here to stay, and so is O’Donnell, delivering the news and entertainment for all, or some, to enjoy.

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Out With the Old, In With the News