An Unforgettable Experience

36 Kids Go on a Service Tour to Mexico Over the Summer


Janae Schmidt

Summer is usually full of fun, relaxing vacations, not giving service. But this summer, a group of 36 youth between the ages of 14 to 18 went to Mexico over the summer for a performance based service trip. These kids are part of a sing and partner dance company called Upstage Productions that rehearses and practices once a week for their winter and summer showcases. Every summer the Upstage group goes on a service trip to various places around the world to share their talents and spread their light.

The kids who are in Upstage are mostly members of the LDS church, and come from areas in Rocklin, Granite Bay, Loomis, Roseville, and Lincoln. The company is run by  LDS members, who do many things involving the church, including singing in church services. Even though most Upstage participants are members of the LDS church, they are very open to anyone who wants to join, as long as they keep the Upstage standards.

The trip lasted six days, starting on Wednesday June 12th until June 17th, and the service consisted of Upstage members sharing their dancing and singing abilities with less fortunate people.

Junior Haley Bradbury, a group member who attends Rocklin High School, disclosed, “We went to a town and performed all of our numbers [on the streets] for the people.” They also performed at the resort they stayed at and brought entertainment to the people without any cost.

Upstage also visited orphanages and senior citizens homes to bring them gifts and make memorable visits for the people.

¨Doing service can help bring you closer to people, and being with them 24/7,”  Haley stated.

RHS senior, Matthew Alexander, was lucky enough to have his younger brother and his parents go on the trip with him. ¨I got to see how they acted, and it showed me how to act as an example to my little brother…it made me really humble, thankful for the things I have, and to not take anything for granted.”

“We did not only serve people,” said Allison McCrary, a junior at RHS, “we also had some time to set aside for fun.”

On this service trip, the Upstage group got to enjoy time at the beach, go ziplining and visit ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum and Coba, Mexico.

¨It was amazing to see what I had learned in AP World come to life,¨ said Allison.  

Also in regards to the fun had on the trip, Aubrey Price, junior, claimed, ¨My favorite memory of the trip was when the whole group got on the bus and sang together at the top of our lungs. We had so much fun staying up late together, running around the hotel while it was pouring outside, and eating way too much food around 2:00 am.¨

Overall, the students who participated in the Upstage service trip took more than just a vacation out of it. Not only were they able to gain an appreciation for what they have, they were able to have a lot of fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime.