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Physics teacher Mr. Clarion is furthering his college education at ASU during the next few summers.

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Mr. Geoffrey Clarion returns to the classroom, but this time, as a student. Determined and filled with excitement, the next few years will be a surprise to come.

One goal Mr. Clarion wishes to reach  is the improvement of his classes’ AP Physics scores in hope that more students will be eligible for college credit. However, the only way for that to happen is if he receives a master’s degree.

For the next two to three summers, Mr. Clarion will be attending Arizona State University to give Rocklin High School students dual enrollment classes and advance to success with AP Physics scores.

When Mr. Clarion first attended college at California Polytechnic State University, he was unable to enter in any fraternities due to his GPA not being high enough. Now, as a professional adult with high performance, Clarion will join the physics honor fraternity, Sigma Pi Sigma, at ASU.

Sigma Pi Sigma is renowned for its superb accomplishments in the physics field. They exist to honor, encourage and promote students who are excelling in this field. Clarion, with great honor, will for sure partake in activities at his school.

“I’m super excited!” says Clarion. “I always wanted to join this fraternity. There’s a lot of things you could not have done when you first enter college. Now that I’m older, I’m going to have so much fun!”

The atmosphere projected in the Clarion classroom is a positive, helpful environment where student and teacher interact through assistance and hands on activities.

Overall, through Mr. Clarion’s efforts with determination and tenacity, students will be given greater chances to earn college credit for their labor and work throughout the school year. This will make his class even more worthwhile.

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