The Digital Website Wall

RHS’s Internet bans


Maria Hudson

On public school campuses it can be easy to forget that there are restrictions on students that reside unseen or under the radar. A primary example of this are Internet website bans. At Rocklin High School, students have a considerably fair amount of online freedom that many other schools in neighboring districts do not have.

Sites like YouTube are open for free reign and viewing. On the other hand however, there are the sites that are blocked, some with good reason and others leaving one curious as to why they are not allowed.

A list of sites that are banned include: SnapChat, Tumblr, Urban Dictionary, Shakespearean Insults (do not ask how we found this one out), Poptropica, drug and alcohol related websites, sites concerning guns, sexual health resources, Spencer’s, Minecraft and Cosmopolitan.

For any of the social media outlets that are banned, the reason is fairly logical. If the school is not utilizing that particular social media provider they do not find it necessary to leave it open to students on the district-owned computers.

Other things that are banned like Poptropica are less known for their banning reasons.

The shocker? While you may not be able to access your Tumblr or your massively multiplayer online game whilst at school, you can access the home site for the Ku Klux Klan which is either for historical and academic reference, or because it was somehow overlooked by Rocklin administrators. No one is quite sure.

After quite a bit of research it seems one must rely on common sense to figure out what kinds of things are deemed inappropriate or unacceptable for school access.

One thing is for certain about these Internet bans, there is a reason behind each and every one and sometimes it is unknown why certain resources are banned from student viewing.