The Curtain Opens Once More

RHS theater students prepare for the latest show

Maria Hudson

Ghostlight struck fear. Footloose got everyone swinging in their dancing shoes. This year’s spring play, Auntie Mame, is expected to rack the audience with laughter. As the 2016-2017 school year begins to wind down, the cast and crew for Rocklin High’s spring comedy scramble to finish preparations for the final show of the year.

“It’s always exciting for opening night!” gushes Amanda Kirk, a junior who is going to be playing the role of a party-goer extra. “My cast is the first to perform and I’m so excited. Seeing everyone complete what they have worked so hard to do is an amazing experience!”

After the success and hype of Footloose back in the fall, the theater crew came back together to immediately prepare for Auntie Mame rehearsals. Set construction, script prints, costuming and every other aspect of the new show came in full tilt along with that.

“So much work goes into each and every one of these plays,” Amanda continues. “I’ve seen everyone work their hardest to build the set and practice their lines and it’s amazing to see the end result.”

It is clear that the Auntie Mame cast is very excited for their opening night. Other cast members expressed their excitement, stressing that there has been a real crunch to ensure everyone is one-hundred percent ready for opening night.

Auntie Mame will be showing April 26th through the 29th at 7 p.m.