Advice for Next Year

Advice for all students struggling with picking classes for their next school year.

Maria Hudson

It is officially that time of the school year. Rocklin High School students are being tasked with the stressful job of requesting their class schedules for the 2017-2018 school year. With countless electives to choose from, dual enrollment, regular and AP classes, condensing those choices down seems near impossible.

Underclassmen here are less experienced at RHS but are expected to choose eight classes to fulfill their graduation and college requirements. In order to diffuse the stress of this time, the counselors have visited every single class of students to ensure everybody is on the right track and knows what to do.

With their help, students were able to see digital readouts of the dozens of classes provided on campus, as well as information regarding any state tests they have or have not taken. Students can see exactly where they are standing academically which is immensely helpful with regards to moving forward.

Some particularly interesting and exciting classes to take on campus are many of the medical courses such as Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Interventions. Not to mention the brand new CTE courses for juniors and seniors only that include CTE Dental Careers, Health Careers and Medical Assisting. These can be eye-opening classes for students who are passionate or curious about the medical field in general. RHS has so many opportunities for students that a lot of public high schools do not provide.

But with all of the advanced classes on campus that are provided, it is also a great idea and is highly recommended that a student takes a healthy balance of both challenging and enjoyable classes. High school is not just about work, it is about having some fun too. Classes like Journalism, Photography, Culinary, Art, Digital Art and Theater are fantastic options for students to explore new things while not having the stress of large exams, overwhelming homework assignments and high academic expectations.

Overall, the basic core class requirements to graduate include three years of mathematics, four years of language arts, two years of science and four years of social studies. But beyond that, there is so much flexibility that allows every individual at Rocklin High to forge their own academic path and take classes that are required, while also taking classes that interest them.